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Time Tracking

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Automatic Time Mapping

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background time tracking
time tracking
project management

Project Management

Add new projects and tasks, assign them to employees, set deadlines and urgency levels in an easy-to-use Kanban board within the dashboard.

projects and tasks

Time on Projects and Tasks

More than just app and website time tracking, Worktrack tracks time on projects and tasks. Get a complete overview of project time to stay on-budget and profitable.

apps and websites

Apps and Websites Usage

Track the apps and websites employees use during work hours. Valuable insight that show you frequency of use, identity of users and time spent (or wasted) on each one.



Capture what’s on your employees’ screen automatically and randomly every hour. Customize as you need by only activating for certain employees and adjusting intervals between screenshots.

time tracking

Explore All Possibilities of Time Tracking

Find out what your employees are doing and stay on top of every project with Worktrack.

real-time monitoring

Real-Time Monitoring

One informative, easy-to-understand screen shows you which apps or websites your employees are using at that exact moment.

activities tracking

Activities Tracking

Based on keyboard activity and mouse movement, Worktrack detects if your employees are performing any computer activities.

time and attendance

Time and Attendance

Relying solely on employee computer activity, Worktrack automated time tracking tracks clock ins, outs and overtime hours with precision.

manual time entries

Manual Time Entries

Allow employees to manually add activities completed away from their computer. Then, easily sort offline activities and approve or deny them.

productivity tracking

Productivity Tracking

Analyze productivity, effectiveness and focus with insightful charts for individuals, teams and your entire organization.


Productivity Labeling

Label apps and websites as ‘productive’, ‘unproductive’ or ‘neutral’ at the group or individual level.



Get a graphical representation of your employees’ workday – active and inactive times and manually added activities.



Along with real-time staff activity analysis, you can access your historical data  at any time. Worktrack securely stores your data for two years.

manager login

Manager Login

Allow managers and team leaders to review apps and websites and analyze data for their teams to maximize performance.

employee login

Employee Login

With unique logins, allow each employee to have insight into their own productivity data and payroll timesheets.



Integrate any application or service your team relies on with the Worktrack Rest API. Once connected, easily port  employee tracking data from your Worktrack account.

raw data

Raw Data

Raw data is for companies who want second by second data about their employees’ everyday activities.

manual screenshots

Manual Screenshots

Trigger screenshots manually from the dashboard, for any employee, at any time.



Managers can create various rules to receive alerts when productivity levels are unusually low, when the deadlines or project budgets are approaching, etc.



Define your projects’ budgets based on hours worked, or amount spent, so you can remain certain every project will be profitable.

client login

Client Login

Give your clients gated access to their project or virtual employee data, while protecting data related to other projects your employees are working on.

stealth mode

Stealth Mode

Worktrack can work in stealth mode to help you track suspicious activities without being noticed and prevent costly data breaches.

automatic time tracking

Automatic Time Tracking

Automatic time tracking is possible in specific industries, but it removes human error from the tracking equation, and allows your employees to focus on the real work instead.

Integrations (Coming Soon...)

Time is money. Discover exactly what your employees are up to every minute of the day with all-seeing employee monitoring and complete behavior analytics.



Get a clear overview of everything on your plate
and never lose track of an important task.



Get a clear overview of everything on your plate
and never lose track of an important task.



Get a clear overview of everything on your plate
and never lose track of an important task.



Get a clear overview of everything on your plate
and never lose track of an important task.



Get a clear overview of everything on your plate
and never lose track of an important task.