Optimize Your Enterprise
with Worktrack

Accelerate your organization’s digital transformation thanks to perceptive reports which will help you make data-driven decisions to optimize business processes and increase employees’ efficiency.

Solution which will...

Optimize Processes

Automatic Process Discovery

Ensure quicker process optimization by letting Worktrack discover patterns in your employees’ workflow. Track, analyze and optimize processes the smart way.

Optimize Process

Increase your Team’s Efficiency

Employee Monitoring

Make sure your enterprise runs efficiently with invaluable insights about company-wide activity levels. Benchmark and improve individual, team and organizational productivity.

Increase your Team’s Efficiency
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Optimize Processes

Time tracking for enterprises
Time tracking for enterprises

Discover Patterns

As an innovative AI solution, Worktrack automatically tracks employees’ computer activity to discover patterns in their work, without interfering with their performance. Our revolutionary technology detects all tasks employees are working on, as well as their duration and frequency.

Analyze Processes

Once you understand how your employees work, you’ll gain a deeper knowledge of how each one of them goes through the same process. Our invaluable insights contain eye-opening reports which are essential for accelerating your organization's digital transformation.

Make Profitable Decisions

Based on these analytics, you can create precise plans about which parts of the processes you should optimize, standardize or even outsource.
Ultimately, these reports will allow you to make more profitable decisions
and generate higher revenue.

Works with
Microsoft Dynamics
Microsoft Dynamics
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Increase Your Team’s Efficiency

Time tracking for enterprises

Get Data About Employees’ Productivity

Worktrack collects intelligence from everyone’s computer activities. This data includes activity levels, application and website usage, as well as some other productivity-related statistics which are processed into detailed, yet easy to read customizable reports.

Analyze Productivity

AI-generated insights will show you deep visibility of your employees’ actions. With this remarkable data you’ll have an overview of your company’s activity biorhythm. Furthermore, you’ll have each individual’s productivity and efficiency evolution statistics.

Optimize Productivity

Making data-driven decisions for benchmarking and improving employee productivity will be simpler once you start using Worktrack. Even better, give your employees access to Worktrack so they can optimize their own productivity.

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Time tracking for enterprises
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Privacy Option

Your data security concerns are our data security concerns as well. Which is why our software can anonymise collected data.

This way, all reports are focused on projects, time spent, productivity and efficiency levels; allowing you to monitor overall process and plan for improvement, instead of focusing on employee’s individual work.

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More Reasons Why Worktrack is Perfect for Your Enterprise

Perfect for enterprise
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Role based access, encryption in transit and at rest, audit logs, and other enterprise-ready features ensure your company’s sensitive information remains secure.

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Your compliance with GDPR, HIPAA, PCI DSS, ISO and any other standards will be intact. Worktrack is dedicated to making sure you maintain compliance while using our software.

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Deployment Options

Flexible deployment options allow for balanced data security and application overhead. Your data can be stored in our cloud, your own private cloud and on-premise.

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Dedicated Account Manager and SLA

We understand that enterprises require our undivided attention, which is why you’ll have a dedicated Account Manager and an SLA in place.

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